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Math is required to...
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Math is required to be a part of this forum

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:lol: Took me a while to register, My math isn't that good. Also that complicated pass took me a while to set something :roll:

Now that i made it through the threshold I say hello :) :note2: :note2:

Posted : 06/02/2016 4:02 am
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Congratulations! You are now part of an elite group of musicians that can add. Welcome to Guitar Noise. :lol:

Guitar Noises Newsletter

Posted : 06/02/2016 8:57 am
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"I'm a musician damn it, not a mathematician!"

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Welcome - it's a nice forum.


Bob "Notes" Norton

Owner, Norton Music Add-on Styles for Band-in-a-Box and Microsoft SongSmith

The Sophisticats >^. .^< >^. .^<

Posted : 07/02/2016 1:47 am