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Musician's Friend and Music123 are Awful

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Hello all. Just a word of warning before purchasing anything from Musician's Friend or Music123. I just paid for a new guitar last night. I got a great deal on it. It was for a gift for my son. Apparently the deal was a little too good. Musician's Friend (Music123) decided to renege on the deal. They say they are all out. The model was mint/used. They do have a new model, but they won't give me that one for the same price.

Just a word of warning. I have also had to argue with their customer service for an unreasonable amount of time. The person wouldn't even allow me to speak to a supervisor. Do yourself a favor and buy from somewhere else. Musician's Friend and Music123 are horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Posted : 11/12/2015 11:34 pm
Alan Green
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Don't waste your time on shop staff. Phone their Head Office, talk to the CEO.

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Posted : 12/12/2015 6:15 am
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My guitar shopping rules:

1) If it's available at my local Mom and Pop music store, get it there. Prices are usually competitive (they check the Internet too) and the service is thousands times more than you get with a big-box or cyber-store - plus - my band is a small, local business so it seems right to do business with other local businesses (do unto others)

2) If the local music store doesn't have it and cannot get it, I'll choose Sweetwater, as they seem to be the best of the on-line merchants

Note: I have no affiliation with Sweetwater but have always gotten good service with them.

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Posted : 12/12/2015 5:12 pm