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New guy here

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I'm new here, and new to playing, and have only been practicing a few weeks, learning scales, and trying to get my head around as much music theory as I can. I look forward to meeting people and learning a lot. I live in Elmira, NY, and have been learning on an acoustic.

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Welcome to Guitarnoise.

Your first few posts need moderator approval to make sure you're not a spammer or just posting links to other sites. You posted this one twice, so I've deleted the duplicate.

A :-)

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Welcome to GN!


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Welcome to Guitar Noise!! We look forward to seeing you around the forums!! :D

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Welcome aboard! 8)

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Hey hows it going, I'm also learning on acoustic. I've been told it's harder to learn on acoustic but also to not even look at acoustic and electrics as even the same instrument, anyway, welcome to GN. This site is very friendly and informative.

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