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Hi just joined and really need help deciding on a 1st electric.seen all ebay and such like, ie jaxville, benson and so on.I want a package deal,amp+guitar, not to expensive, but want something that will do me to get to a decent level????"is there anybody out there" :? :?

Posted : 27/03/2013 11:37 pm
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Fender do packages, under the Squire branding, which you can get for sensible money.

Most starter packs will include a strap, cable (chuck it and buy a decent one), spare strings and a plectrum or two. You might even get a DVD with it presented by a guy without a clue which aims to take you from nowhere to Malmsteen-bothering virtuosity in 40 minutes - come back here for that kind of info.

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Posted : 28/03/2013 6:21 am
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much obliged alan,I visited a shop today and didnt feel any thing for what he was selling...I had actually started to lean towards the fender keepin in touch with dave gilmour on the my minds totaly made up...regards...Joe

Posted : 28/03/2013 9:47 pm
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Check out the Yamaha ERG121 starter pack, I've good reports about that one.

Posted : 30/03/2013 7:25 am