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Newbie here

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Back some years ago (long ago) I thought I'd pick up guitar. Bought one, took some lessons, but because of college and work, I had little time and my instructor wasn't very paitent.

FWD to a year ago, I got laid off for about 9 months and decided then and there I was going to teach myself to play (but using what I did learn from lessons it did help) So I dusted off my instruments and started researching the web. Started learning scales (penatonics mostly) then chords and it all just kinda opened up to me, learning was and is getting easier, scales are getting faster and faster. My play by ear is getting more keener.

I work now but still pick up my guitars about a hour a night and even my wife brags to folks how I can jam on the guitar. Though I've alot left to learn, I am finally now having fun with guitars. It's been a little over a year, my fingers are leather (cept my little one cus I don't use it) and my picks are melting.

For insturments I have an old redwood peavey with a maple neck and an old Austin Acuostic. I have a peavey amp aswell but I now use the demo version of GUITAR RIG 5 and a USB cable.

Okay nuff about me

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Cool intro PV! Stick around. I like the way you say your fingers are leather and picks are melting. That's putting it very well!

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Great introduction, I love the "melting picks".