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Newbie in her mid 30s

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Hi All, I’m Emily, 35 and I’m just about to start learning the acoustic guitar. Never played before and a bit worried I’m too old to start learning but hey better late than never right?! :P

Literally picked up the guitar last week for the first time. Can anyone recommend some good books for absolute beginners? I also already have callouses from playing two chords! No pain no gain lol

Posted : 25/05/2019 3:43 am
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Hi, Emily! And nice to meet you.
I'm a novice here too - yet not as learner, but as a poster. And yes, I agree that it's better late than never.

I was a self-taught guitar player in my teens (got my first calluses!) and early twenties, then I've decided to improve my skills significantly so I was recommended to read Berklee's "A Modern Method for Guitar". It does move fast, but you can start with the two Berklee Basic Guitar Method books before moving on to "A Modern Method". In general, it's solid theory and clever exercises for a beginner - so you need to be patient and do your homework. Though it's really helpful if you to gain guitar skills.

Good luck!

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Posted : 30/05/2019 5:49 am