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checking in whats new kids

Posted : 17/06/2010 7:15 pm
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Well, it's Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and Soccer in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have many exciting birthdays, one new baby!!!, new songs written, plus vocal and guitar samples from the brave and talented people.

And the good news is, you checked in? I'm not new, probably older than you, oh man. :roll: There's a couple of people without jobs, wives without jobs, guys without wives, and even some real tragedies happening: broken guitar strings and intonation problems. We've had to re-wire some guitars, and put effects pedals in order. Some amps are in trouble.

Oh and it seems to be raining, flooding everywhere. :shock:

Let somebodies add more. :lol:

Like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.

Posted : 18/06/2010 12:37 am