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The First Post of a Long Time Lurker

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Hey all! I'm Elijah and, as the title says, I've been lurking here. I started this lurking when I first picked up a guitar about five years ago. Let's get to the dirt. I'm 17, a full-time college student (Just took my last finals of the semester today), no car, no job, but a love of guitars that has gripped me since I was around 3. I was classically trained in piano from when I was six to twelve, after which I picked up a guitar and started working out a few chords, different songs, and the like. I found my home playing the blues in my bluegrass family. I've fought for the blues, played blues licks along with banjos, mandolins, and the strumming rhythm guitars that I could never get a hold of the talent that's needed to make rhythm instead of use it.

However, lately I've experienced a lull in my playing. I've branched out into playing very little bluegrass, some different tunings (mostly open G), even into different instruments. I've gained a liking to my father's banjo and am trying to figure out a roll that will work with a blues solo.

My six string ladies are definitely the most important material things to me. My little family consists of an Epiphone Lucille, a beater Squire Strat, a '65 Ensenada acoustic, and a mid-80's Yamaha classical. I really look forward to jaw with all of you, learn a bit, as well as, perhaps, teach a tiny bit. Thanks! I'll catch you later.

"What you have to do is stop looking at it like a guitar. It's just a piece of wood with strings tightened enough to bring a vibration that we perceive as sound."

Thank you to all those who have and are currently serving in the armed forces.

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Hey Elijah. Welcome aboard. Always good to have some new talent! Feel free to talk about your experiences and stuff.

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Your guitar should be like your best friend: even after a while it's always GREAT to get back together!


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