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Very lost.

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I've always wanted to take up playing the guitar, just never found the time. I'm trying to back away from the automotive world until I'm out of College as it's been holding me back for some years now. In the mean time between studying and work, I need something to fill the void and felt this would be perfect. I don't have great equipment by any means (BC Rich Virgin Guitar and Peavey Amps, a Rage 158 I like to overdrive and a Studio Pro 112 I normally use for clean sound). Been playing for a few months now and really enjoying it. It's great just to sit back, relax and play.

Even though I'm playing a 6 string, probably one of my favorite guitarists plays a 4 string.

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Thanks for the vid! You surprised me.

Yes, Tal Wilkenfeld is kind of a role model for many and any, and now she's supposed to become the next generation Jaco Pastorius, in a girl (young lady).

I have forgotten stuff, details, facts, trivia, but I thought she started on a six string and then went to bass, surprisingly. I known some that do, but could count probably them on one finger.

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Welcome to GN!


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Welcome to the Guitar Noise community! Hope you find the place as useful as I!

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Welcome aboard! 8)

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Tal Wilkenfeld. Probably the best young bassist at the moment. She came to Madrid this summer. I bought the tickets for the concert (with Beck, Colaiuta and Rebello) and I also wanted to go to a clinic in a bass store that she did the previous day. Unfortunately I can not go to the events (as some members know I was playing to the nurses this summer). Next time.

Welcome to GN! :D

And consider to play bass. I did it and it is my main instrument now.

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"I once was lost but now I'm found..." And you are too. Great site with lots to learn and some pretty interesting folks. Welcome aboard

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Have to agree, this is a really cool place. 8)

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