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What's up ladies and gents?

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New to this forum and to guitar playing. I'm seventeen years old and a huge fan of lots of different types of music, but mostly metal (in case you couldn't tell). I listen to everything from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush, and Pink Floyd to Testament, Death, Nile, Vital Remains, Kreator, Sodom, Emperor, etc. etc.

As for a guitar, I've got a cheap old off-brand stratocaster that used to be my brother's. It's better than nothing, but still kind of frustrating. Especially since I'm prematurely trying to dive straight into technical metal. If I had the money, I'd buy a better guitar, and take lessons so that there's someone there to pace me.

Other than that, I've taken an AP music theory course in school, I've played Piano for a very long time, and I can speak German. 8)

So yeah...Hi.

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Welcoming you to forum! Nice intro with musical preferences etc. That's some of the best music there, I suppose. Join in! 8)

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