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1st concert in 5 ye...
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1st concert in 5 years

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Over the weekend Blue Ash Ohio puts on this concert series where on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they bring in National Country Acts and have FREE concerts. I was able to get out there this year (seeing as it's only 10 minutes from my house) to see the acts over the weekend.

The artists were Diamond Rio (Friday), Rodney Atkins (Saturday), and James Otto (Sunday).

It was the first time my son was out at something with loud music so we were kind of worrying about how he would take it. Seems he loved every bit of it (at 18 months he doesn't understand the words, but loved the people and music). The only complaint that I had was that on Sunday, there was waaaay too much talking. Granted James Otto doesn't has 1 CD and 2nd is forthcoming, but wow, In about 1 hour I think he played 4 songs, and that included a cover of Night Moves from Bob Seger.

Still a great time overall this weekend. Reminds me why live music is so great!

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