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A New Place To Paly Near Gainesville FL

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Here's a great place to hear music it's in high springs Fl it's about thirty miles north of Gainesville FL called Club 51. It is mostly set up for acoustic acts duos and trios and has a top-level sound system. I am playing there every Fri night, but there are going to be may different acts go though this place. The deal with this place is you pay a charge for the night and you drink for free. But the real deal is the acts that are going though here are real good. If you would like to check it out this is the link , if you want to get booked there send a CD and a press package to to Sue Kates and she will get back in touch with you if she likes what she hears . This is a great place to play and these are wonderful people to work for good luck to you and I hope to see you there.

Frank Whitenack bluenotefla

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Posted : 12/11/2006 2:03 pm