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Advice... please?
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Advice... please?

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Currently, I'm attempting to find gigs for my band. I would be grateful if you could give me some  general advice on how to go about this.
 We're all 16, which makes it a little difficult.

Your advice please! Thankyou

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Posted : 12/04/2004 6:19 pm
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This has been discussed in a few threads below, and in the articles referenced in the "Reference" post above.

To summarize:
- Charity events
- School Talent Shows or Teen Centers
- Any "Battle of the Bands"
- Restaurants on Sunday afternoon
- Outdoor festivals during the day
- Your own backyard

Anyplace where the serving of alcohol is reasonably separated from the stage, during non-peak hours.

You should get one of your parents to chaperone you, as a minor can't sign a contract.  This will help win over those who hide behind the "you're not old enough" bluff.  What town are you in, maybe one of the GN readers can help.

Good Luck!


Posted : 12/04/2004 10:03 pm
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Check out the article that was just written, it's a great source of practical info.


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Posted : 13/04/2004 1:54 am
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Thankyou, I'm in Brighton by the way. I don't know whether anyone else is?


"I had these dreams that I would learn to play guitar, maybe cross the country, become a rock star"

Posted : 16/04/2004 11:26 am
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You're in Brighton, UK?  I'm in Southampton, UK!

I know of lots of young bands that manage to get gigs (in fact, I'm 24 and the number of bands with teenagers in is starting to make me feel old  ;)) so you shouldn't have too much of a problem.  
Do you have any contacts at all?  What sort of music do you play?  The singer/lead guitarist in my band has a lot of experience, I'll have a chat with him, he might know where you should start (his experience is mainly in the punk/rock scene).

x x

Posted : 17/04/2004 1:54 pm