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Almost 40 years lat...
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Almost 40 years later

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Darn man, that's so cool!

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very kewl Bish!
sorry i missed this thread, i agree we should get together someday ,somehow.


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Nice! I've still got my first guitar, but no pics of me with it that I know of... I've never been big on photos. My fretboard looks exactly the same :) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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And still playing the same chord after all these years!

Looks like you're still undecided about the thumb position, though...

Very cool photos, Bish!


That's because he misplaced his thumb-pick.

Very cool!

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My Father-in-law still has his first electric he got in 64-65 ish, a Burns Sonic, I think it is the only one he has ever had, I want to buy him a new one but the family keep stopping me! The fretboard has holes in it at the most played chord positions esp 3rd fret B string!
For those who care, it's like this but much worse condition

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I still have my first guitar, an acoustic make by Suzuki (I don't even think they make guitars anymore). Bought it in '79 but I don't have a pic of me with it back then. Maybe I'll take a pic of myself now with it and leave it to imagination as to what it would have looked like in '79, when I was a college senior.

Thing is I never really learned how to play it until four years ago. It sat in the attic most of the time before then.



"Growing Older But Not UP!"

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Great pics, Bish! Nice to see the old guitar's been so well looked after.

Hairstyle influenced by John Fogerty? (Er - back then....)

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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still a big ham i see. great smile.


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still a big ham i see. great smile.

Thanks!! :D

Hahaha, Laz. But you are right. Not only did I misplace my thumb pick, I learned to NOT use it.

That's pretty cool about the Sonic, biker_jim_uk. Have you heard how it sounds amped?

Thanks, Ignar. Glad you found it cool. Me, too. :D

Set something up, TL!!!

I'm glad to see others can hang on the heirlooms like that. Pretty darn cool, huh, Misanthrope?

Well, Vic, truth be told, he stole it from me. Actually, I think I was the first one in my town with long hair and no barbers could figure out how to cut it.


"I play live as playing dead is harder than it sounds!"

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