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Anyone in Toronto?
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Anyone in Toronto?

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I'm not holding out much hope here, but are there any intermediate musicians in the Toronto area? I'm 17 and live in the beaches area and have been playing for 2ish years.

I'm thinking of trying to get together a blues/rock band, but my bass playing buddy only plays funk and has hijacked all my other musician friends.

I play guitar (lead or rhythm, don't really care) and am a capable singer so I'd mostly be hoping for a bass player, drummer, and perhaps keyboard (but I could probably track one down elsewhere).

Any takers? My email is [email protected]

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hey man i am going the same thing right now. i play rock and roll but it seems there is no one in toronto. i had a band already but it didnt work out. issues. there are people who want a band so dont give up yo your time will come
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if you feel like emailin me i am a guitarist i have been playin for a year i can write my own material thats all i do really. and if you wanna check my stuff out email me at [email protected]