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Band update - Dead Man's Hand no longer exists

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After a lot of consideration and convincing one stubborn member, we decided that our name didn't fit the image and vibe we wanted to project. When I told people the band name, I often got "is that a death metal band?" The name comes from the infamous poker hand held by Wild Bill Hickok when he was shot, 2 pair - aces and eights. We were throwing around poker terms like Deuces Wild and One Eyed Jacks and Dead Man's Hand sounded pretty cool. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are familiar with the term. I had one friend that I invited to a gig via Facebook event ask if it was a poker tournament because we had a playing card as part of our logo.

We wanted a name that communicated that we are a cover band and coming to see us will be fun. A lot of brainstorming and rejection of several good ideas by the reticent member went by and, finally, an idea intrigued him and everyone else. After a check of the interwebs, we determined that no one else in our area is using the name. So, domain has been bought and Facebook page has been set up. I'm in the process of designing a logo now. Our new name is Undercover (or might be spelled out Under Cover).

We have 2 gigs booked, one if March and one in April. Had an offer for a gig on Feb 9th, after we played a set at the place as a guest band to a friend having a birthday party and jam session. The place was a smoky hell filled with drunk rednecks. The pay wasn't enough to subject our gear to the harsh environment.

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Posted : 29/01/2013 3:52 am
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Well, it's some sort of progress and I hope it works.

Why not hang on to the Dead Man's Hand moniker and use it for original or experimental stuff?

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Posted : 29/01/2013 6:24 am
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The title almost makes it sound like the band no longer exists.

Good luck with the new identity.


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Posted : 31/01/2013 9:49 pm
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The title almost makes it sound like the band no longer exists.

I'm not familiar with poker and poker terms. To me the new name is much easier to remember.

Good luck!

Posted : 01/02/2013 8:27 pm
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An odd thought popped into my widdle cranium recently while thinking of this thread. You mentioned the playing card in your logo. That's all well and good, but I think it may have needed accompanyment. For example, along with the playing card, perhaps a couple short piles of poker chips, a cowboy hat and a couple of smoking revolvers. Do the playing cards in period correct fashion, ie no numbers. The smoke from the smoldering pee shooters could frame each side and the actual hand in the middle. Poker chips and a cowboy hat to finish off the late 19th century rough-neck gambling mottif .

Not sure how to tie music into it, though. Crossed guitars at the bottom?

Whatever. Just thinking out loud. :mrgreen:

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Posted : 03/02/2013 5:55 pm
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The title almost makes it sound like the band no longer exists.

Good luck with the new identity.

Sorry, that was my attention getting headline :D

Good suggestions, Roy. I'm only somewhat dangerous with Photoshop. I'm capable of doing our flyers and such, but actually designing a complex logo is beyond my skillset. I'm having a good friend of mine who is an actual artist design one for our new name. He does a lot of band logos, although they are usually original metal/punk bands, but he knows what I'm after.

Bass player for Undercover

Posted : 03/02/2013 9:23 pm