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No Bish, I don't think you were aware that my current 'personal life drama' is that my youngest son Jake has a kind of tumor which was misdiagnosed as birthmark for over a year, before FINALLY I got someone to take me seriously and refer him to a specialist.

I use the word 'tumor' descriptively as what he has actually got doesn't really have a name and it's kind of complicated to get into right now, suffice to say if any part of this thing breaks away and travels to his heart, lungs or brain it would be fatal.

The hospital in my hometown are not prepared to operate on something they don't really know anything about and have referred him to another surgeon in another county, which means going to the bottom of a new surgical waiting list and the most information I've got thus far is that his surgery maybe this year or early next if we're lucky!!!

I've not heard anything from the new hospital as of yet (since JUNE!!!) so God only knows what's going on.

Although next June sounds fabulous if that's what the plan is, but ovbiously I can't commit to anything until I know what is happening surgery wise. I hope it's far enough in advance that Jake will have had and recovered from his operation by then.

Although I wouldn't be able to attend a June event if it's on or around the weekend of the 12th as it's Jake's Birthday, and a certain Mr Lewis's.........

It's not so much drama Bish as it is stress, heartache, the knots in your stomach, the feeling of utter helplessness and the waiting......and the waiting.....and the waiting.

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Sorry to hear about your son... I hope Jake gets the medical care he needs.

Take care of yourself & your boy,

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