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Click! Ahh, that's better

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Hi All,

I had this awesome jam on the weekend with a couple of friends (one a drummer, the other a bass player) and with myself on guitar.  It was just one of those nights where everything just clicks, you know the ones, where everyone just keeps going and the music sort of 'evolves' as you move along, great stuff.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had stories of times when everything just worked together during a jam, if so I'd love to hear them.  ;D

Cheers :)

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He there, I've got a story like that. The first time a bunch of us got together. 2 guitarists (one of which is also a drummer) myself on bass and an extra freind that turned out to be a heck of a singer. It was amazing. We must have played for 5 hours without even noticing anytime had gone by, and we wrote a couple songs along the way. It was like the more comfortable we got with eachother the better the music got. Basicly it just rocked. :D

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