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Gallery Cabaret Monday Night Showcase!!

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My good freind CJ has been giving me an hour of her time every first Monday of the month at the Gallery Cabaret here in Chicago. I've been joining her for the past 7 months now. Anne Oneil has joined me a few times to add some great percussion and energy as well.
BUT tonight Anne and I were joined by Helena Bouchez on bass. Wow! what a difference in the groove. Helena added some incredible riffs to my original songs, as well as the covers we did. I could feel the bass coming up through my feet on stage, and it changed the whole perspective of the performance for me. I've done some of these songs 50 times at the Gallery , but tonight people heard something completely different. And together with Anne adding driving rhythm on some tunes, and whimsical finger cymbals on others, it brought a smile to everyone there. We didn't have too big a crowd, but Anne's mom and stepdad came up from Indiana, and a few of the regular faces were there as well. This is definitly not the last time we ladies will take the stage. Helena will be joining in at the Monterey General store on the 13th up in MA. Look out Berkshires, we're comin'!

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Posted : 02/10/2007 2:39 am
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-=tension & release=-

Posted : 02/10/2007 3:33 am
David Hodge
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Sounds like it was a fun time. Don't forget you're doing two hours here! Can't wait to see you...


Posted : 02/10/2007 11:39 am
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Thanks for having me me, Kathy, anytime. It was a lot of fun! I had a great time making up the bass parts to your songs and I'm so glad you liked what you heard! Trio formidable, we! See you on Saturday for a run thru and scratch recording of the rest of the songs we're doing at MGS. Cheers, Helena B.

Posted : 04/10/2007 1:28 am
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Now that sounds like a LOT of fun! I wish we had a venue like that here where I live (Saginaw, MI area).

It's fun to watch musical pieces grow as you add elements here and there. I could feel your energy and excitement from reading your post. That is a big part of what I love about music. Keep at it!


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Posted : 09/10/2007 3:01 pm