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GIG REPORT - Life is Drama @ Shark City (Glendale Heights)

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This past Friday night my band LIFE IS DRAMA played at Shark City (Glendale Heights). This is the first time we've played here. Shark City is a HUGE room!! We were 1 of 4 bands this night with a 45min slot (band #2). The “headliner” band and their support band were on a national tour. We and another band were added to the bill within the past couple of weeks. There was also a band in the open patio area so there were 5 bands here this night. Shark City is located on the far end of a shopping center, pretty busy area. When you walk in there's a pool tables area, to the left is the patio area with a small covered stage, chairs/tables and an outside bar. They had a band playing out there too (Bon Jovi tribute I think). Straight towards the back is where the main bar is located. Go towards the bar and follow it around to the left and there's an off track betting parlor. Near the entrance to the right is the merchandise booth and past that is the main stage (HUGE) w/full sound and lights!! Just like our last gig, unless you have about 600ppl in this place it doesn't look full.

I did some research on the bands that were on the bill this night and they were all “heavier” bands. The band before us, their webpage said they were “country-metal”. The band after us & the headliner were also on the “heavier” side of music. I thought all the bands played originals but when I talked to the bass player from the 1st band he said they just did “country covers metal style”. That put me at ease. We planned on playing the “heavier” tunes we usually save for the 3rd set. The “headliner” was on the local TV's morning show promoting this night's show and after looking at their Youtube videos it looked like we would have a decent turnout. Now...4 bands on the main stage, 2 whom are nationally crowd in the main stage area...30-40ppl. :( I was very surprised about the turnout. I really felt that us and the band before us were just added to try and get people through the door.

The first 2 bands were told to start loading in their gear & setting it up on the stage. The band before us had 2-4x12 cabinets on my side, a small mixing board on top of a power amp, 4-5 guitars on the stand provided by the club & a roadie who tuned and handed the guitar players their guitars. Me...I knew we were only playing a 45min set so I only brought my 1x12 combo amp I use as my backup and 2 guitars and my pedal board. I felt a little inferior w/my little amp but I thought...its how you PLAY IT that counts!!! :D

We played our set well & we talked about changing sides 3 times to make the show more “lively” and I think we did it twice. The crowd reaction was nothing to write home about and I was really thinking I should've stayed home and cut the grass. I don't know if it was b/c they didn't like the song selections or what it was. I got a nice response after Sweet Child O' Mine and Crazy B*tch and after we finished I received some “nice job” compliments while I was tearing down. I don't know if they really meant it or if they were just being polite. Either way we rec'd 4 new “Likes” to our Facebook page after this gig so that was cool!!! That's the largest bump in “Likes” we've had yet after a gig!! :D

After our set we hung out and checked out the last 2 bands and 2 of the waitresses were checking out (Liking) my (fake) “tattoos” (sleeves). Then one touched my “ink” and then pulled the nylon and smiled. They thought these were the coolest things!!! :D

We're off for the next 2 weekends and then the circus hits the road for 3 weekends in a row!!! Our next show is Fri 6/11 @ Ballydoyles (5157 Main Street, Downers Grove), then Sat (6/9) we head back down to Exit 197 (Pontiac) and finally Fri (6/15) we head to the Charley Horse (Tinley Park)!!! I haven't played here in 2 years!!! It'll be FUN to go back here again!!!
Thanks for reading and all the great comments!!! KEEP ROCKIN' !!!!

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A correction to Tommy's post. Our next show is 6/1 at ballydoyles in downers