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Gig report Pigalle 010308

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Hey - we survived! :-)

We had this gig yesterday - a three piece with two guitars and bass. It was a closed party at an old dancing club downtown Oslo

Stylish place

We arrived with our equipment around 1800. I had brought my Epi Dot, my Telecaster and my Fender amp + a few pedals. The rythm guitar player was flashing his new white and gold Duesenberger and a brand new Peavey Tube Amp. My brother the bass player, brought an Accoustic Bass and a fretless.

Appart from a very intimate stage, the place was fairly well equipped with a 16 ch. board and an OK PA. We put things up and did a very rudimentary sound check - we didn't manage to get sound through the monitors.

Guests were arriving from 19. Approx 70 of them.

We kicked off with "Birthday" around 21. I had some nerves but not too bad actually. Even though I felt like having a 100 beers before playing I managed to stay pretty clear

On Birthday and Don't look back in Anger we had a guest vocalist - the songs were well recieved. Over into Brain Damage where my brother had missed spectaculary on the voice harmonies the last time we practiced. It worked out! phew.

Over into some well know norwegian songs

Roxanne almost fell into pieces when the bass player lost it big time - but afterwards no one seemed to have noticed

off for a break.

The second set started off with Come together - I had big problems remembering the lyrics - but we made it through. THe rhythm guitarist had tuned down his low E for Come Together. Our guest vocalist appeared on stage again for Maybe I'm Amazed including a wedding proposal. He asked us to just start playing the song while he held a small speech. Thing is: I had only played it a few times in Bb - and I was planning to play the lead parts only. On the last rehersal we decided to play it in F instead. The rhythm guitar player somehow ran into problems retuning his guitar - so I just started off hoping I would remember most of it - and I did :-) not a great performance - but no catastrophy

Sadly we were told to finish no later than 23 - they would open for regular guest and would throw us off stage before that - (I think it has something to do with the place being well known for playing particular kinds of music in the weekends - and indeed - I think I heard the entire Please Please Me during the rest of the night...)

We realised we had to speed things up a bit

We turned up the volume and launched into Sultans of Swing at a spectacular speed. But it worked good - think I've almost never played the lead parts that well before - great feeling and very good feedback
It was almost 23 and we decided for I will Survive as a closer. We pushed the volume to the limits of feedback (my brother on his Accoustic Bass) and I did at least 15 rounds of guitar solo :-D
People were actually dancing!

Lesson learned: More of that kind of music!

It was a shame havng to go off stage at that point - but kind of fortunate too since we're not having so many more danceable songs

Lots of good reactions afterwards :-)

I treated myself with quite a few of the 100 beers I did not have before we were playing - and was home at 0900AM the following morning - yes I had agood time!

I saw somebody taking picture - I hope I can get hold of some of them and put up later
Thanks for the support and for reading

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LARS kolberg

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Sounds like a great time! :D

"A cheerful heart is good medicine."

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Congrats, Lars.

I knew you could do it!!!


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Awesome!!! Sounds like a great time. 8)

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Well done, Lars! Sounds like you had a great time, indeed! I like your set-list, BTW - some great songs in there. Congrats again on your performance!

:D :D :D


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Lars you write like a true trooper. good job. I feel your excitment.
I will Survive still gets the crowd dancing. that is the best when they dance. makes you feel like your are connecting.

a bit hard to unwind from the show eh? the adenilin is pretty cool stuff.

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Sounds like you had a good time that's all that counts.

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I treated myself with quite a few of the 100 beers I did not have before we were playing - and was home at 0900AM the following morning - yes I had agood time!

9am! The latest for me was 5am! You rock! :D

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That's great Lars. Hope you have many more of them in future and better ones too.

Did you record anything ?