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[Sticky] Guitar Noise Forums are now a Community!

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Some good news! After many years of being the Guitar Noise Forums - these pages are now the Guitar Noise Community. Links will be updated.

Returning visitors will find lots of new features to help them reconnect with their friends and the site in general. (Please reset your password)

And there are plenty of good reasons for new visitors to sign up. We are all here to help each other.

Guitar Noise is all about sharing our love of learning and playing guitar. Welcome to the community!

Posted : 13/09/2019 11:33 am
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My how time flies when time flies like it's been flying.

Even though you moved, I found you. Muahahahaaaa

Nice new look. Congrats!


"I play live as playing dead is harder than it sounds!"

Posted : 15/12/2020 12:12 am