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Happy Woodstock, Ev...
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Happy Woodstock, Everybody!

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I was only 4 at the time, but I do remember those days and the "counter-culter" very well. My father was very anti-hippie, but all of his and mom's siblings embraced some/all of that scene. That didn't stop him from going to the shows to see the girls go au-naturale though. :lol: :lol:

Love that Woodstock movie. Some of the scenes just totally bring me back in time. I learned to ride motorcycle in the farm fields 90 minutes north of there. I'm choking up. :cry: :cry:

Speaking of farms, imagine the poor farmer next door having to get up and milk the cows at 5:00am with Pete Townshend smashing guitars over the loud speakers? Think the girls were a little jumpy?


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I was in Mamaroneck High School...class of '69. Most years the seniors went to Jones Beach after the prom. We heard of this "hippy festival" just a little way that's where we ended up.

(Only time I ever saw a hash pipe glow in the dark!)


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