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Hereandthere Benefit Concert

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Savanah will be participating in a charity concert in Toronto, Ontario Canada (along with many other musical talents) The up-coming HereandThere Benefit Concert is meant to address both local and international needs.
The entire proceeds will be divided amongst three helping organizations:

The Daily Bread Food Bank has committed to the event, to provide local support (the here).
The Stephen Lewis Foundation will receive support to assist those in Africa with AIDS and for the second year we we will also be providing direct assistance to Guatemalan orphans (the there).

Scotiabank branches are taking donations from those who wish to attend the concert or otherwise support the hereandthere Benefit Foundation. Long & McQuade Music has committed to provide musical equipment and promotion. We welcome TEAC Canada, Staples, 5Hundred Keele and other sponsors once again this year.

A final note: No performer or promoter of this event will receive any financial gain from the event. All time is being donated to the cause. All proceeds will be donated to local and international relief.

For More information, donations, musical acts and set times on this event please visit:

Also make sure to check out Savanah's myspace at..

Andina Travel
Beaches Blues Festival
Bullseye Records
5Hundred Keele Rehearsal Hall
Free Expressions
Long & McQuade Music
MOJO Radio AM 640
Open Arms Yoga
Staples / Business Depot
Steam Whistle
TEAC Canada
TO-NITE Magazine

Thanks, we hope to see you there.

Zacharias Wolf

Posted : 28/03/2007 1:54 am