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Hey guys!!

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Hey everyone!

Guitar has been cut back for quite a while now due to needing to work on "me". I got up to about 220lbs, and for me, that was a breaking point, and a low point. Not a good feeling, not doing much round the house etc. It was seriously effecting me.

So around the last week of May I decided to go ahead and change some of that. I stopped drinking soda cold turkey (was very tough, still have a soda every now and then, like maybe 2 since then), also did a 180 on my diet.

Started running, and to add variety started P90X. That stuff is seriously intense! 60-75 minutes 6 days a week! My body screams at me 6-7 days week...even during the rest day LOL.

So long story 5 weeks I'm down to 202lbs and still going, hoping to hit 175 by December, ran my first race on the 16th, a 3.4 mile trail race, dropped a size in pants, and ended up actually selling my Cordoba C5 to get a Jogging stroller so that I could take Zach with me at times.

So now I've been more active, doing things around the house, started cooking meals that are healthy for everyone in order to get everyone else on board and it's kind of working!

The greatest thing about all this is that in order to lose weight I have to stuff myself silly to get calories and protein in, so I NEVER go hungry!!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read. I'll be around when I can...just don't have so much time anymore...guitar is kind of pushed away like I said, but I still noodle every now and then, and arrange and will do a video every now and then and lurk around!

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Posted : 23/06/2011 3:58 am
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Good luck Joe, I know how hard diet changes are and workouts like that. I don't really have to lose any weight but I do feel I need to get back in the gym and I've slowly gotten away from some the changes I had made which the number one was cutting out soda. I'm definitely addicted to Coca Cola and for all last year I was good maybe a glass every other month or so but since Christmas I've been back to my usual consumption maybe slightly less.

I'm sure guitar will come back in your activities once everything else settles down.

I always wondered about those workouts. I'm not sure if I'd be motivated enough at home. I always found that I needed to be in a gym to workout I wasn't to keen ont he home workouts to many things to distract me.

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Posted : 23/06/2011 11:34 am
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Hello Joe - good to hear positive news like that :-)

I did p90x last year - and yeah, what a killer!!! i got 60 days before i broke my foot tripping over my little un's slide :oops:

keep us informed - i bet your feeling great!

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Posted : 23/06/2011 7:57 pm
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yeah the working out by myself is kind of hard, but it's either that or just sit and do nothing while Zach sleeps.

I've got a Legs and Back workout today, and I tweaked my knee running I'm hoping it won't interfere too much.

I did manage to wake up today and see the scale hit 200lbs, so I did hit my June goal, which was great!

CNEV--the BeachBody workouts are GREAT. They also have a great support system of chat rooms and forums, lots and lots of encouragement!

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Posted : 24/06/2011 7:01 am
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Glad you are running now. I ran my 7th marathon on April 17. A 3.4 miles race is a good starting point but you must be in a hurry about races. Take your time for training and increase systematically your race pace. Races (and other external goals) keep you motivated but your main goal must be "stay well." The injuries are the worst thing. Take it easy at the beginning.

If you have any question on running (or exercises), please, let me know!

Posted : 24/06/2011 9:20 am
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Yeah, that race was an interesting one. It was a trail race, which ended up being 30% up steep hills. Hopping fallen trees, running through creeks etc.

Since doing P90X I've cut back my running to 2 days a week. One day with Zach in a jogging stroller, and only a couple miles, and then Thursday is my 5 mile run. I plan on doing an actual 5k soon, and a 10k before the end of the year.

Future plans are a Half-Marathon next year, and then a Full-Marathon the following year. It's a slow and steady thing for sure.

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Posted : 24/06/2011 9:27 am
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I can't retain all of the details, but I am happy for you Joe! I must go through the weight reduction thing too, you were very successful. I reached a critical mass as well and understand the philosophy but must do the work too - I can't start just now.

I am moving all month, so that's my exercise, but it is not vigorous and regimented as yours. Indeed it is harmful because it is heavy work and stress, all at once - short term, high energy etc. And I am busy all summer which is prime time to get out and walk, but I can do nothing about it. Due to my separation, lawyers need all my time. I hope to get some property?

Well, congratulations again, on the new "NEW YOU", that's very well done, you have every reason to feel good about it now.

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Posted : 24/06/2011 12:49 pm
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Oh man Blue! I'm really sorry to hear about that! My wife and I were really close to a separation not too long while I don't quite know how it feels, I came close.

Good luck with that, I hope you find happiness at the end of the tunnel.

My wife and I came close on several different occassions, some from me, some from her. A friend of mine told me when I was thinking about it, but being kind of wishy washy because I don't like to hurt peoples feelings:

"Do you like doing the dishes?"
"But you are happy when they are done right?"
"'Sometimes you have to do things that make you un-happy to give you more happiness in the end."

I sincerely hope that you do find more happiness once all this un-pleasantness is over.

As for me...I'm working on things. My rest day is tomorrow thankfully...I managed to power through my workout and ab workout and things are getting better there. I lost the I just need to "look" like I lost weight LOL.

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Posted : 24/06/2011 5:11 pm
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Posted : 25/06/2011 1:32 am
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I'll be honest....while I don't know too much about the whole losing weight thing....that doesn't sound like a good idea....why not eat whole foods and actually eat? You body is designed to digest food!

With my diet, I eat so much I'm stuffed and still lose weight!

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Posted : 25/06/2011 3:29 am
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I agree with you Joe. I have been on the weight reduction path. I was at 275 (WOW) and am down to 255. Long way to go still.

It wasnt going good until I increased my exercise AND increased my calorie intake. I wasnt getting enough and everything I did eat was converting to fat. So now I can eat and fill full and still lose weight.

And on a guitar related note, with the size of my gut being much smaller already I can hold my acoustic a lot better while standing.

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Posted : 25/06/2011 10:09 am
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Hehe....fringe benefits I guess! :D

Congrats on your weight loss as well!!

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Posted : 25/06/2011 10:31 am