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I got sad news toda...
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I got sad news today

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Remember last year when I was having all the problems with my wife. I got married to her on my birthday 7/27/07, She split to go back to her drug addict ex-boyfriend two weeks later.

Man, I was so much in love with her, I put up with more crap then most men would of.

Well I just got word today that she died on our 1 year anniversary. And for those of you that remember, it was also my marriage to mew wonderful wife.

I should be glad that she will never cause anyone any more pain, but I am not. A part of me is lost as well, as she was the one that rocked my world(musically). She basically drug me back into playing. Encouraged me when others laughed and walked a way. Besides the guitar stuff, she left me with many lessons learned in life. Mostly hard and harsh lessons, but some were good.

She died of an enlarged heart. Toxicology will take another 2 months according to her mother. I sure she was tweaking because she was on the road. She died in a rest stop in Utah, her supposed boyfriend sleeping in the truck. Ambulance her to the hospital where she was pronounced DOA. She died alone, He wasn't there with her. She died around strangers.

She is in a better place now. God has her.

Posted : 26/08/2008 12:07 am
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Really sorry to hear that Sid


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Posted : 26/08/2008 12:28 am
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As you said, she is in a better place now.

"Everybody got to elevate from the norm."

Posted : 26/08/2008 12:43 am
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I'm thinking of doing a tribute song..Knockin on heavens door by G&R

Whatta you think?

Posted : 26/08/2008 2:23 am
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sorry for your loss.
my condolences


Posted : 26/08/2008 2:47 am
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I can't find davids version. Can someone send me a link?

Posted : 26/08/2008 3:32 am
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oh man - sorry to hear that!
The Dylan version is here

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Posted : 26/08/2008 6:33 am
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Sorry to hear that :(

Posted : 26/08/2008 8:35 am
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My condolences Sid

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Posted : 26/08/2008 10:23 am
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Very sad news. My condolences.


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Posted : 26/08/2008 10:49 am
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Wow, that is really a sad tragedy. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

God Bless, bud!


"I play live as playing dead is harder than it sounds!"

Posted : 26/08/2008 12:34 pm
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Bad news! When people do drugs their priorities change. As the drug comsumes the person nothing else matters. The priority is doing the drug... everything and everyone else comes second. Some people realize this and others don't.

Use your music to fill that void, I wish I had something better to tell you.

Bob Jessie

Posted : 26/08/2008 1:31 pm
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sorry to hear that. PLs receive my condolences.

Posted : 26/08/2008 2:02 pm
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much sadness. wishing peace to you and all touched by this.

-=tension & release=-

Posted : 26/08/2008 2:33 pm
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