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It's a Girl! (part ...
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It's a Girl! (part two)

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Vic Lewis VL
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Many congrats, of course, to Urban Cowgirl.....and I also have news.

So last night, I'm crawling into bed at the usual time - about 3, 3.30ish - and the phone rings. Me and the Mrs look at each other and say "Anita!" at the same time. Sure enough, it's of Marilyn's. "Mum, Paul's on his way down with the kids....and then we're carrying on to the hospital. Waters have broke."

Ten mins later, Lee, Dan, Dave and Jack are unceremoniously deposited on the doorstep. (It was all arranged ages ago!)

Well - kids are all excited, no chance of sleep.....endless cups of tea later, phone rings again. Paul this time. "It's A Girl!" (We did already know, but I don't think he quite believed it....they've already got 5 lads!)

Chloe May arrived at 5.32 and weighed in at 7lbs 13ozs......or as Marilyn said, "How many's that? 17? We need a bigger planner......"

two of Anita's sisters arrived around 9-ish....they had an appointment, we'd already agreed to babysit so we had another four kids to look after....the youngest just 9 weeks old!!!

Just getting back to normal now....everybody's gone home, it's very peaceful......

Hope to have some pics later, son-in-law promised to e-mail me some as soon as they're uploaded.....

Don't think I'LL need any rocking tonight.......

:D :D :D


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Posted : 31/05/2007 5:41 pm
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Super Congratulations to you and yours family, Vic.

By the way, I thought that Mr. Vic Lewis of Newton-le-willows, England just delieved a baby girl. (from the title of the thread...)

Posted : 31/05/2007 5:47 pm
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Oo Congrats Vic! :D
You definitely must post pics when you get them.

Since you have so much babysitting experience and I could use a good British nanny, the job is yours end of September if you feel like moving. :lol:

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Posted : 31/05/2007 5:49 pm
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Congratulations, Vic! :D

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Posted : 31/05/2007 5:49 pm
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What a Coincidence! :D

Congratulations to the mother and the rest of the family! And a kiss for the little Chloe!

Posted : 31/05/2007 5:50 pm
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Congrats Vic!

Got a guitar planned for the little one yet? Those Daisy Rock ones spring to mind....



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Posted : 31/05/2007 5:50 pm
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Congrats Vic!! Quite a large family you have. I know what hobby runs in YOUR family. LOL

I love that name, Chloe, and I cant wait to see the pics.


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Posted : 31/05/2007 6:00 pm
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Congrats to the new parents, Vic. 8)


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Posted : 31/05/2007 6:05 pm
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Congratulations on yet another grandchild, Vic! I love the name Chloe!! It's always been one of my favorites! And, of course, congratulations to the new parents, too!


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Posted : 31/05/2007 7:19 pm
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Vic, congratulations mate


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Posted : 31/05/2007 7:34 pm
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Crikey Vic,

I looked on the news forum last night and though oh well not much going on. But, there you all are up at the Pool producing some more the next generation. Many congratulations to you all from all of us down in the South western part of country.

And to boot, there's "Urbancowgirl" with another on the way and photo's too, our best wishes to her too for later in the year.

It's all happening here guys. :D :D :D :D :D


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Posted : 31/05/2007 8:29 pm
BarnaBus RoX
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Congrats on being a grandad again mate

Pics we need pics ....

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Posted : 31/05/2007 9:01 pm
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Posted : 31/05/2007 9:10 pm
Dan T.
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Congrats again Vic! :D


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Posted : 31/05/2007 9:39 pm
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Congrats Granpa :D

Posted : 31/05/2007 11:25 pm
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