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It's official: Gett...
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It's official: Gettin the Led out one last time.

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Read all about it!

Read all about it!

Chances of getting tickets - nil.

Won't stop me trying though.


I've had a lot of sobering thoughts in my time.
It was them that turned me to drink.

Posted : 07/09/2007 3:08 pm
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Great news! :D

Posted : 07/09/2007 3:31 pm
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I hope they make a video of this. It will be interesting to see how well they play together.

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Posted : 07/09/2007 4:02 pm
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Man, I wonder what the tickets are gonna cost!

Posted : 07/09/2007 4:04 pm
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Man, I wonder what the tickets are gonna cost!

I'll wait for the DVD :lol:

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Posted : 07/09/2007 4:08 pm
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My pain reliever must be working really well. I swear that article was about a Led Zep reunion concert. I better go lay down....

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Posted : 07/09/2007 5:39 pm
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Maybe I will get to see my most favorite band ever... YIPPEEE!!!

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Posted : 09/09/2007 12:56 am
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If they come to the US, I reckon I'll have to take out another mortgage to take Mrs. R to see them.

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Posted : 09/09/2007 1:09 am
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WoOt!!!! :D


Posted : 09/09/2007 2:00 am
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Seems like they'll only be playing one show in London. They should prob do one there, one in New York, New York and maybe one in Los Angeles, California.

Anyways, this is incredible news. Glad to see the guys are back together. Hopefully a DVD comes out of it. :)

Posted : 09/09/2007 3:26 am
Dan T.
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It'll be great to see John Paul Jones back with Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, even if I only get to see it on DVD. Jason Bonham is a great drummer too. I saw Jimmy & Robert in Milwaukee back in the 90's, and they were awesome! It would have been great though if John Paul was there too. Can't wait! 8)


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Posted : 09/09/2007 3:49 am
Vic Lewis VL
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I'd imagine tickets are going to be horrendously expensive - but I can't count high enough to work out what the scalpers are going to be asking!

:D :D :D


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Posted : 09/09/2007 12:43 pm
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If only they were performing in dad and I would surely go :(

Posted : 14/09/2007 12:32 pm
Paul Hackett
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If I could get a ticket I'd travel anywhere in the world to attend.

For fun, I just made my dream setlist for a Zeppelin concert.

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Posted : 14/09/2007 3:29 pm
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Tickets are being sold at £125 - a portion of which is going to music based charities. They are hoping to beat the touts by making the tickets available by ballot only. Only 2 tickets per credit card/address. Any tickets on ebay will be canceled. Hope these steps work.

Only 20000 tickets available and the BBC were reporting 20 million hits on the website to pre-register for the ballot. :shock: Surely Wembly would have been a better venue. They would have made more money for the charities.

With demand like that they have got to consider a tour surely.

Anyway my name is in the ballot but I'm not rating my chances very highly but you've got to be in it to win it. Don't mind losing out to music fans as long as I don't lose out to the touts. Here's hoping for the DVD.

I've had a lot of sobering thoughts in my time.
It was them that turned me to drink.

Posted : 16/09/2007 4:44 am
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