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London Music Shop With Great Vibe

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So, I know sometimes people feel a bit intimidated in music stores. I kinda do myself. Well, not intimidated, but definitely hassled at times.

I came across this store in London - they're pretty new, but they have a great ethic. And they sell ukeleles. So they must be good. I thought it was worth a heads up for any London-based (or nearby) GNers looking for a friendly place when shopping for gear. The link to their website is:

Hope it helps! :D

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Posted : 24/08/2010 6:52 pm
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Ealing? I thought you said London :wink:
I agree, the central London ones I've been to do sometimes have a slightly intimidating vibe, though that shouldn't put anyone off as staff vary and quite a few are genuinely friendly. I think part of it is the car show room effect, you aren't in there often, most of the products are expensive and you feel someone might shoe you out. The best antidote I've found so far is to actively browse, not just the guitars, but check the price of strings, look at plectrums, wonder whether you actually need a G7th capo. Gives you time to feel at home and encourages all but the over-helpful or pushy staff to give you a bit of room until you find something that interests you.

I ended up at Digital Village in Clapham today and didn't really have high hopes: their website (and the name) makes them look more like an electronics shop and for some reason it's in a unit in some kind of office building so you have to ring a bell at reception to get in. However they were actually quite good: I was left to look around for a decent amount of time and when they did ask if I needed anything they were helpful, seemed to know their stuff and the guitar was quite well set up off the wall. Haven't actually bought anything from them yet though...

(If you need a laugh at Denmark Street's expense then there's a video on youtube guitar shopping with Dan Auerbach.)


Posted : 28/08/2010 9:06 pm