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Made my first money...
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Made my first money playing

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Well I've been playing guitar for 2 years and a few months ( get to 3 years in february) but I made my first money today playing the bass.

I went to a church 2 hours from here with my band, we played 4 songs, ahh details later I am tired but, yeah we made a 100 bucks, we didn't know we were gonna get payed but we did it and I got 20 bucks wooooot.

Lol details later I am tired now

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Posted : 11/09/2010 5:22 am
Alan Green
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Way to go. That first one feels really good doesn't it.

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Posted : 11/09/2010 7:07 am
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Very cool!!! Congrats!!!

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Posted : 11/09/2010 8:06 am
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What a crazy night, the singer picked me up at 4 30 pm ( I'm still 15 and cant drive X_X) and we headed off to meet with the rest of the group, we left the rendezvous point at 4:45 PM, we arrived at the church at 8 pm, ouch long drive with some traffic.

We hadn't rehearsed in like 2 months, because of stuff, but the singer got us this gig and we all agreed. So we went just flying blind really, but we got there, and we played and it was good, I won't say it was great :P, it could have been way better, but they don't know that ( the people) and besides we were all a bit skeptic about keeping the band alive but after tommorrow we are pumped and are gonna start practicing on friday.

The reason why it was good is because we are all pretty good, "experienced" musicians. I say experienced for our ages ( 15 - 18) we've all been playing for a while, and have been playing together for a while, so yeah.

I didn't know we were gonna get payed, but they slipped us an envelope during the service, and we were all O_O.

But yeah over there we met another band that took our number so they will recommend us if anybody asks or in whatever they can, they were older than us but they were impressed with us, so yeah.

There were a couple cute girls that were looking at us, haha what a weird feeling being the cool band xD. But that place is too far away from my house so, no long distance relationships xD.

After that we headed to a fast food joint to bask in the awesomeness. And I was also really hungry I hadn't eaten anything since midday, only a tiny chunk of Lasagna I got my hands on before we left. I ate and then I played pranks on my band mates who fell asleep on the way home. I woke them all up with Canada's national anthem, blaring in their faces ( through my phone).

I got home at 2 am, only my little Shitzu was here to receive me, everybody else was asleep, so I posted here while I waited for my room to cool up.


I wanna be that guy that you wish you were ! ( i wish I were that guy)

You gotta set your sights high to get high!

Everyone is a teacher when you are looking to learn.

( wise stuff man! )

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Posted : 11/09/2010 2:32 pm
Blue Jay
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Awesome's right!!! Nice going, congrats. Keep it up! 8)

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Posted : 11/09/2010 3:02 pm
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Congrats, you're technically a pro now!!! Welcome to the club.

I remember my first gig. There I was, on stage at a junior high school dance, playing music with my friends, and that cute girl who wouldn't even acknowledge my existence in English class was now making eyes at me. And at the end of the night they actually paid me money!!!!!! I've been playing music ever since, and it's a good life.

I hope your music and your life is good to you too.

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Posted : 11/09/2010 6:12 pm
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Ain't it a hoot! People PAY you to have that much fun!

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Posted : 12/09/2010 2:06 am
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Congrats! :D

Posted : 12/09/2010 8:37 am
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Congrats! 3 hrs is a bit long for the girl thing let alone a gig. I hope your band keeps on practicing and you get more gigs. 8)

Hmmm, I did drive from Cooperstown to Boston for a Prom once, but there's a REALLY long story behind that one. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Posted : 12/09/2010 10:36 pm