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Manchester (England) Academy

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This looks like a fun place to play if you're almost ready for the big time:

Posted : 10/08/2007 2:44 pm
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That's not very far from Vic and DarthOrdinary. They're about halfway between Manchester and Liverpool. Will we be hearing from the "VicOrdinary" band???


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Posted : 10/08/2007 5:14 pm
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I dont know about Vic but im LIGHT YEARS away from playing the Academy!!!
:oops: :shock:

I dont even play for the missus!

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Posted : 10/08/2007 9:28 pm
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I could just about manage an acoustic pub set - but yeah, the academy's some way off yet. Then again, it's always something to aspire to.....

:D :D :D


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Posted : 20/08/2007 11:13 am