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Marching band.. kinda!

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Well I live in Puerto Rico, American Football is not really big over here, no big stadiums no big marching bands and stuff; but this year in school we decided to make a small band for games to cheer with the cheerleaders.

So since Im new in school Im in everything, this, plus classical guitar group plus rock band, surprisingly rock band has taken a back seat, my musical tastes are kinda developing more towards classical and stuff like that :D.

SO today was the first game we played :D, wow twas awesome! We played 3 times, the first time didnt go too well cause the drums were wayyy too loud, cause we were so nervous we were banging super hard, but whatever, the second time was with the cheerleaders and we didnt hit so hard way better! The third time was the best and also the hardest, cause we were walking, and as some of you know, I have a sprain under my foot ( or something like that ) but whatever man! I played through the pain and stayed in time :D, and the teacher let us go wild with the uh cortes, how do you say, drum solos things ? We were banging away, we went crazy with uh contra-tiempo I think its upbeat and using 16th notes in there.

Keep in mind, there are 3 drummers playing those big drums and the 3 of us are beginners the only ones who arent begginers are the teacher and our drum leader, but the 3 of us play other instruments so we have a good handle on time and stuff, the other kid plays the snare he plays great.

With us were some Tubas and trumptes and all that sort of thing. Playing in front of all those people was AWESOME, its the freaking energy you like feed off of it, and even with pain its so fun, you have fun they have fun we all have fun playing music and dancing, the enery is awesome, even with pain its so perfect. Meh I think we won, I wasnt paying attention, haha :D.

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Posted : 26/09/2009 1:09 am