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Michael Jackson dead?

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Just turned on the news channel, there's an unconfirmed rumour that Michael Jackson's died of a heart attack.

The story seems to have broken prepared for a veritable smorgasbord of weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth if it's true.


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Posted : 25/06/2009 9:11 pm
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Yes, it's being reported here too.

Wasn't he about to start a worldwide comeback tour?

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Posted : 25/06/2009 9:57 pm
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it's official


Posted : 25/06/2009 10:02 pm
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One of the greatest artists of my time.


Posted : 25/06/2009 10:14 pm
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Posted : 25/06/2009 10:24 pm
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Wow, that's a shocker. Although I didn't agree with a lot of things he did in his personal life, I like his music & think he's one of the best musicians of our time. Still remember listening to Rockin' Robin in Elementary School. :)

R.I.P. Michael. :(

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Posted : 25/06/2009 10:38 pm
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I remember the cover of his "Off the Wall" album, back when he had his original face, and was still black......Such a talented man. Too bad he turned his life into such a freak show.

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Posted : 25/06/2009 10:53 pm
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One of the greatest artists of my time. RIP MJ.

...of ANY time!


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Posted : 25/06/2009 11:32 pm
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What?!? Seriously, how?!?

If you'd asked me to guess which famous musician would die next, I really wouldn't have guessed MJ. This seems to have come out of nowhere.

RIP Jackson - his music speaks for itself. We've lost a true great performer.

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Posted : 26/06/2009 12:54 am
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I read an unconfirmed report that said he had cardiac arrest.
I always kind of felt sorry for him. He never had a normal life, especially as a kid and he had that weird disease that caused his skin to go bad and was the reason, I thought, for the bleaching and the plastic surgery.

Regardless of his weirdness, he certainly was a pioneer entertainer during his time.

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Posted : 26/06/2009 3:07 am
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No matter how big of a show is life turned out to be, he will be the biggest entertainer in my generation I think.

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Posted : 26/06/2009 3:49 am
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The greatest sadness about it all is that his personal life eclipsed his music.

Michael Jackson has now achieved immortality. May he rest in the peace he couldn't achieve in life.

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Posted : 26/06/2009 4:42 am
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I was listening to the radio yesterday when I found Michael Jackson died. Still shocked by by his passing. He seemed be under a lot of pressure to preform again and practicing every day might have been too much for him in the end. I want to remember him just for his accomplishments in music and what he did for it when I was growing up. Gonna be playing my Thriller record later today. :cry:

RIP King of Pop

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Posted : 26/06/2009 5:30 am
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I remember getting a new car, it was a summers' morning, the top was down and I was travelling to work feeling pretty cool I have to admit, but something was missing....

Reached into the glove pocket and pulled out a bunch of cassettes - Off The Wall - Michael Jackson...

Crank the volume, put the foot down and cruise - absolute magic.

It's times like that you can never recreate. It's an artist like Michael Jackson that will never be recreated.


D 8)

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Posted : 26/06/2009 7:39 am
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so sorry to learn of Jackson's passing. a huge talent always putting out fantastic grooves. his association with Quincy Jones was catalyst to some great musical moments.
I remember a thread here a while was about guilty pleasures in music. I admitted that I liked the Jackson Five and MJ. not many disagreed.
it freaks me out to hear of people dying that are close to my age.

RIP Ms Fawcett too.

Posted : 26/06/2009 10:42 am
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