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Update your HOST FILE and you'll stop all the ads on most websites.
Popups will show up as Action Canceled Server not found.


Posted : 22/10/2003 7:27 am
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How do you do that?

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Posted : 22/10/2003 8:17 am
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Darn it's to long to post here the software said no dice. You'll have to download the zip file and unzip it. then search your harddrive for a file called hosts.

If you have windows Xp its in this folder,

Make a copy of the original first.
Open the host file with notepad, do a select all and tap backspace. to remove everything and copy and paste the new one you just unzipped. and click file and save.

Now if you hit a site and a pop-up or add shows up just right click the ad and click properties highlight the url and add it to the host file. Thats what I did to stop the pop-ups here at your site. I just looked for the urls but couldn't find them.  One said 8 something , the other one was spam-rest. I added them and no more pop-ups.

If they do manage to pop-up because the ad companies change all the time. it will say action canceled, where the 460 x 80 add under the top center navigation menu.
I don't see no ad, it just says Action Canceled.  Sorry

I know sites rely on the ad's, but they waste bandwidth. Even though I'm on 3.5 Mb connection they just bug me and they bite...LOL


Posted : 22/10/2003 1:59 pm
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To block popups very easily on internet explorer go to and download Google's pop up blocker.  Its free, simple and it works.

Posted : 28/11/2003 4:56 am
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