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Music Covers on Guitar [online videos]

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Hello fellow Guitarists!

My name is Bert, a 23 year old Belgian Student.
I'm here on a mission: performing a thesis research on guitar covers posted online. The specific object of research is:
- online posted videos
- played by one performer
- played on a guitar (doesn't matter what type or genre)

The last couple of months I spend looking for performers (like you all posted videos on this forum) to participate in a really small survey (find it below!). In more or less 13 questions I try to define a profile of who is active in this digital phenomenon. Until now, the response rate is non-existing. I hope you want to share, answer and spread the word. I would be pleased to hear some of your stories.

If you have questions, if you want to know more, if you want to do a small interview ... let me know by private message or e-mail.

Thanks! I'm grateful to you all for saving my master thesis.


click here to save me with 3 minutes of your time:

Posted : 11/04/2013 7:12 am
David Hodge
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Good luck with the project. Just submitted mine.

Please keep us updated on how your thesis is turning out and how it's received by your school.


Posted : 11/04/2013 11:58 am
Rocket Dog
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Hi Bert

I've just done mine. Hope it's helpful and all the best with your thesis.

Posted : 11/04/2013 1:19 pm
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Thanks a lot!

Keep reacting and be sure I'll keep you posted! I'll mention this website for sure!


Posted : 13/04/2013 7:41 am