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Obituary: Jon Engli...
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Obituary: Jon English

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Very sad as Jon was going to Sweden this week or the next to do some recording - apparently he was very popular there and in Norway. He had an amazing career starting out as the guitarist in a high school garage band, pub gigging then receiving the role of Judas in the Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar, continuing then performing rock during the 70's and 80's - at his peak he was the highest selling Australian artist - and then in the 80's and on in musical operetta's like the Pirates of Penzance and writing an Opera called Paris which was performed in London. He did two TV series - Against the Wind and All Together Now. He was a lovely, humble guy who also did a lot of charity work including a great deal of work to help save the Tasmanian Devil

Posted : 14/03/2016 10:39 pm
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Link to a nice read on his work for the Tassie Devil :)

Posted : 14/03/2016 10:53 pm