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Phil Everly

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That's sad. The Everly brothers song "Kathy's clown" was number 1 the day I was born.

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Very sad day for music. The Everlys made some great "pop music" hits for about 10 years, from the mid-50's onwards....I grew up with their music, along with the Beatles, Stones, Who, etc. According to Keef's autobiography, they were one of the first "pop" groups to use alternate tunings - and deserve a lot of credit, I think, for that. RIP, Phil, you made a great contribution to music with your brother Don....those soaring harmonies (IMHO, never bettered!) influenced so many bands in the '60s.

"Pop music" is almost a dirty word - well, two words! - these days But is was bloody good back then, and Don and Phil were definitely pioneers of the genre....

RIP, Phil, you will be those who loved great catchy pop music, anyway!

:( :( :(


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