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Returning To The Forums

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To those who still remember, I'm back!

I've finally settled down in a new city, in a new country and in a new life. More importantly, I've returned to the forums.

Its great to see how far the site has come in the months of my absence. My all to Nick, Alan, David, Paul and Ryan. I hope you guys are still around to read this - it seems like forever ago when the Sunday Songwriters group was first set up and we posted up in celebration of the 100th member. Great work guys!

I'm mostly in the corners of the Songwriting section but feel free to give me a shout about anything.


we erased their images and dance, replaced them with borders and flags

Posted : 30/09/2003 7:07 pm
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Welcome Back!

Tell us of your adventures...


Posted : 30/09/2003 7:51 pm
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Hi Reef,

Welcome back.

Posted : 30/09/2003 8:12 pm