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RIP Steinar Gregert...
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RIP Steinar Gregertsen

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I am sad to pass on the news that Steinar Gregertsen, a friend, member of this board, fantastic musician (mainly a lap steel player) and all-around good guy, has passed away today. RIP, Steinar!

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Holy smokes.
Such a great player and a wonderful, generous contributor to GN. :(


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More details on his final days available here.

I read Steinar's posts on slide playing religiously. His counsel was always crystal-clear & generous. I'll miss him.

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Very sad to hear this news.

RIP, my friend.


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Very sad news. I looked up to and admired Steinar as a top-class musician, who was always ready to share his knowledge, and was a genuinely nice guy too. The world is a poorer place today for his passing.

RIP, Steinar - proud to have called you my friend.


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Holy Moly....R.I.P. Steinar

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oh no....that is really terrible news.

I think I'm going to have to go have a listen to his CDs.

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I am in shock! Don't know what to say.......

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I knew Steinar through his music and his presence on the message boards here.

It's a sad day to lose a gifted musician and a friend to all of us.

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really shocking news. Steinar was up and about and verging on a recovery one day; the next he is gone.
he was a biog influence on me when I first discovered lap steels and alternate tunings. he turned me on to players, builds, and effects. I feel as thought my left arm has been cut off.
sad sad news. thanks, man, for all your generous help.

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I did read the post on the GN blog... I can not believe it... I'm in shock, too.

I also remind his advices when I bought the bass...

Sad news.

RIP Steinar.

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This sort of thing really makes you step back and think about things.

RIP, Steinar

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Really sorry to hear that.

Rest in peace, brother

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