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Riverside Jam 2011
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Riverside Jam 2011

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Another Riverside Jam has come and gone. This one turned into 2 events; the actual party we played on Saturday, and the impromptu performances with the other guests in the hotel lobby on Friday and Saturday night. What fun!

Here is the link to pictures:

I just have to say what a pleasure it is to play every year with fellow GNers David Hodge, Gnease, Laz and Babydoc Laz, Anne Oneil, and of course, the ultimate in Funky, Nick; as well as others who don't frequent these forums. I will not comment except to say, for those at the jam, while watching the slideshow, should be playing Wild Thing as the soundtrack. Just sayin

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looks like you had a great time!!!
the hotel looked nice too :D

what music did you play?

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What music? Good question.

Huh....what music?