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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame retires "D" chord

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Good job getting it back for us Chris! :mrgreen:

Now, to write a song only using the D chord... :twisted:


Been done, mate - try Dylan's "Shelter From The Storm"....all D chords, or variations thereof. As an added bonus it's in open D tuning.....and it's in the Easy Songs forum.

:D :D :D


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Posted : 14/10/2007 11:18 am
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I can see the Camp Chaos cartoons already "D chord BAAAAAAD, BEEEEER GOOOOOD!!"

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Posted : 15/10/2007 3:58 pm
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It's about time that D chord was retired. I was getting tired of it anyway!

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Posted : 15/10/2007 4:00 pm
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I personally never ever play the D chord. I stopped using it at about the time that I discovered Ebb :lol:

Posted : 15/11/2007 12:12 am
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Relax everybody...

Security at the museum was a joke..... I stole it back. 8)

Help yourselves - there's plenty more where these came from...





Man that doesn't do it for me, I need the hard stuff! You gotta hook me up with a D9!


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Posted : 15/11/2007 1:20 am
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This is serious news, indeed. The suggestion may have been in jest, but that will not stop the suits at the RIAA being all over this like a rash. It'll be illegal to download any song, containing a D chord, even if you've paid for it - you'll need to pay an extra "D Chord Temporary Unretirement (single-use only)" licence fee.
Of course, Kirk Hammett will now be suing any- and everyone for using any D chord, which may have appeared (even as a guest chord) in a Metallica song.
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Posted : 15/11/2007 8:16 am
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