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Singing live...

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I love to sing, and in confidence i have an amazing voice. I know that i have huge natural talent and potential.

But the problem is that it is only good IN CONFIDENCE,

I have this tendency to sing falsetto (dont know spelling), when singing by myself in front of people or leading a song. So it is a very weak performance. I am naturally a loud person, not shy or quite. But when it comes to singing, and i guess, showing people a more "real" side of me and whats inside: makes me hold back.

I think this is alot to do with since i am not entirely a serious person. And maybe i am scared of showing such an intimate side of myself. I dunno, but i actually PHYSICALLY cant push the singing with my stomach when in front of others.

I am quite critical of my tone as i have an ear for whats right and not. Maybe i critique myself too much and too quickly... not enabling myself to just keep going and actually get better.

I know i can overcome this, but how long and how???
I have been told to do many techniques. Including singing in front of people casually and all the time. So im referred to as a "singer who doesnt shut up"
This does work, as i leave out my need for the 'perfect tone', and just go go go!!! even to others dislike.

But surely there must be more effective and proven ways....


Maybe ths is the wrong forum for this topic. If so, what would be a more suitable one?

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Posted : 25/10/2004 7:50 pm
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Well you start off saying you have an amazing voice, huge natural talent and potential. So what's the problem? You surely are not lacking confidence.

Why would you switch to a falsetto voice in front of people? Just sing the song the way you've always practiced it.

I have sang in front of people hundreds of times. I really just don't worry about it. Nobody is going to start shooting at you. Just look at it as fun and something you enjoy doing. Maybe you are not so confident as you seem. Practice builds confidence. When you have sang a song many times and KNOW you can sing it well, you will have confidence in front of a crowd. So maybe you should practice more.

Also, one thing you said. You said you push with your stomach. That is not good technique. When singing you should fill your lungs with air. Your stomach and sides should expand outward from the diaphram lowering. Then you simply release the air. It is like blowing up a balloon. You do not have to squeeze the ballon for the air to come out. Simply release the nozzle, and it comes out of it's own pressure. This is how you should sing. There are occasions when you have to give a little push. But if you push hard consistently you will strain and damage your vocal chords. With practice comes volume.

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Posted : 02/11/2004 1:26 am
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Maybe your heart is not in what your singing. I can sing a lot of different songs, but some I sing better, because there's an emotional involvement between me and the song.

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Posted : 29/11/2004 4:13 pm