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Students in concert
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Students in concert

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What a week!

Two of my students performed solo in front of live audiences on Tuesday. This was a School Parents' Evening in front of people who'd never seen them perform previously. Music by Oleg Kiselev and Peter Nuttall.

Tonight, six - yes, six - of my students are performing as part of their School Orchestra at the School's Presentation Evening. Music by Vivaldi, Gershwin and Elgar.

And, get this, away from the orchestra, three of my students have got together to perform as a trio for the first time. They're playing three folk songs, including London's Burning which they've worked themselves as a three-part round and they've worked out who's leading which tune and how to get themselves all sync'd.

So, well done Emma, Freddie, Bronwyn, Poppy, Scarlett, Freya, Dominic, Jacob and Manjul. I'm impressed.

These students are all aged 11 or under. Big Smug Grins all round.

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That's fantastic, Alan.
Congrats to all involved.
Save a round of applause for yourself. You're obviously a great facilitator/motivator...teacher!. 8)


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What great opportunities for those kids at a young age when it might influence them to choose a career in music. Even for those who don't go that route, it can give them the foundation for a life-long interest. Congrats to you and to them.