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This past Saturday ...
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This past Saturday night went much better!

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It was a private campground where families spend the weekend and such. We played on a brand new concrete stage inside this really nice pavillion. There was a small room right behind us with a small refrigerator full of water and soft drinks. It was perfect for tuning up while the drummer pounded thru the sound check. No smoking or alcohol allowed, but we had a cooler :). There was about two people in the place when we started, but as soon as we did start the families came out with their lawn chairs and sat down. Got a very positive response and the little kids were fun to watch as they flailed around trying to dance or play air guitars.

I'll put it in the top 3 of all the jobs over the past year I have been with this group.


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Glad you're having fun performing, as well! 8)


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