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Which do you want first?

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I don't like to post bad news but…. I'm losing my job AGAIN! This is twice I will be outsourced (I'm in IT) and this time I'm a little bitter. I keep trying to tell myself it's just business…. OK, enough of that!

The good news is JESSIEFEST #20 is coming soon. I always tell people WITH PRIDE, that jessiefest 1 was busted up by the police. (Well, they (the police) just said we were making too much noise and gave me a $125 ticket. “Busted up by the Police” sounds better though don't you think?).

Vic and Arjen – let me know if you can make it!

Anyone is the area?

Bob Jessie

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Sorry to hear about the job. I'm in IT and was cut twice only to find different jobs in the company. Now I'm back in IT and involved in an active project but when this ends in Sept - Oct. I fear another round of reductions will be in order.

Hope everything works out for you though.

Well the party sounds like fun enjoy!!

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