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And now for something completly different

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The wave editor challenge :twisted:
this is a BT that Noah Roberts made a year or two ago. Its got drums bass and rhythm guitar and is a little over 2 minutes long. What I want you all to do is load the track on to Audacity, cakewalk, or your favorite wave editor or whatever you use :lol: and be creative with it. Add at least 3 or 4 tracks to it, and have fun with it :D here is the track---

This is what i did with it about 1 1/2 years ago( this is the first thing I did with a wave editer 8)

so have fun with it :D When you are done with it E-mail it to me and I will post it on the Guitar Noise Forum Jam web site.

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Posted : 25/02/2006 6:16 am
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Looks/sounds like fun. Thx Ken & Noah.

-=tension & release=-

Posted : 25/02/2006 1:34 pm
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Just some wanking over this backing.

Only one track. I never was good at following directions.

Thanks to Noah for the backing and to Smokingdog for posting it. (right click save as thingy)

2B dude

Posted : 07/03/2006 2:26 pm
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NICE!!!!! :D I might join in later 8) --the dog

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Posted : 07/03/2006 2:32 pm
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Immature? Of course I'm immature Einstein, I'm 50 and in a Rock and ROll band.

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Posted : 10/03/2006 10:10 am
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