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Anyone interested in a little funk?

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Anyone interested in recording the guitar parts for Average White Band's Pick Up the Pieces? I started recording it this weekend and got a pretty bad version of the rhythm guitar part down. The single note picking on the other guitar has me beaten though. It sounds simple, but I just couldn't get it down. I can't play on these tiny little guitar strings anymore! :D

I'm concentrating on the bass for this, so if 1 or 2 of you guys want to record the guitar parts for a collaboration, let me know. I'll send you a backing track you can record against. Here is the guitar pro file I'm using for reference, but the structure in it is NOT correct. It leaves out a "verse." When I send the backing track, I'll include the layout w/ time markers.

Bass player for Undercover

Posted : 16/11/2009 3:21 pm
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Sounds like fun, count me in.

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Posted : 16/11/2009 4:16 pm
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I'm learning funk, so I would like a go at this! I have nothing that I could record in with though, actually I have a mixing desk but I don't know how to transfer stuff onto it!!!

:/ sucks to be me

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Posted : 06/08/2011 6:05 am