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Collaboration For An Interesting Concept Album

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I'd need for a co-songwriter/musician who's willing to help me and collaborate on a project of mine which has looked very challenging for me in terms of hashing out the details of the big picture that I'm seeing. The preeminent idea of the concept is there however I seem to face a wall of bricks when it comes to organizing and fleshing out each and every aspects of the story, plots, settings and characterization etc... I think that many of us stumbles upon the same challenging process initially before everything starts to become clearer like stepping on quagmires along the journey. But the good thing about it, is that when we find and work with people who suffers the same ordeals, we finally come into the conclusion that there was nothing to it! So here I'm posting this with the clear hope that I might find someone in the same wave-length as me and ready to work as a complement to my weaknesses! An artist that can play of an instrument and write lyrics would be the ideal match (I actually intended to bring a guitarist for the spot but considering that I have trouble of my own to work on the writing process...)

I'm working on a conceptual album or let's just say thematically related songs which tell the story of a young playwright/actor suffering of a personality split who seeks revenge upon a Troupe and its Theater who he believes have conspired and played part in the death of his father many years ago and the sleuth, a fanatic of plays who just gets unintentionally entangled in all of these related murder cases while the story itself depends on her to enlight the truth behind them. The story is writting in the style of a murder-mystery and is spilt into two perspectives (the sleuth and the whodunit) while we go through story-plots. Each songs uncover clues which helps us identify/discover the identity of the culprit of the murders.

It's a really complex and ambitious project. It is more than I ever worked on before and I knew that once I'd put my mind into it, that I would definitely need a hand to brush it out.

Writing the whole story itself is not the real issue, I've been writing fiction for a while and I never really got short in ideas developpment

it is more into the songwritting process that it becomes a little difficult. Even though it is far from half-assed, I've trouble putting my message across withal the complexity of the story and the broad detailed informations needed in order to make all sense. Then again, I'm not the only one with that significant ordeal.

Anyhow in terms of the music, I'm a songwriter who's really open-minded, energetic and who's in love with world music. The considerate group of people I know are reluctant about playing music outside what they pretty much hear on the radio. They either like this or that which is pretty plain simple and predictable (that one-track mind?), personifying it throughout their own music but never crossing boundaries of the various styles out there that just call us to reach out for them. I would like to avoid working with such people.

Right now, I'm definitely undergoing an enlightenment by listening to so many dissimilar styles which I decipher and embrace and through that comes the little effort that I pull off in order to create something so visionary, fresh and new that it's breathtaking. Just by being receptive, open-minded and genuinely myself and I downright respect people who respect that.

Psychedelic/ Progressive Rock is my cup of tea. I have many influences going from almost every group of the genre (ex: Coheed and Cambria, Gentle Giant, Porcupine Tree, Incubus, Mars Volta, Pink Flyod, Pain of Salvation etc...)

((In the interview room, one of the musicians straightens up from his chair holding a note pad in one hand and a pen in the other. Challenges Jackson))

''You sound like a nice guy and so far I really like the idea of your music and whatever... but tell me, if I ever were try something out with you see if we are clicking, what kind of musicians are you truly looking for?''

Well that would be:
Musicians who aren't afraid to cross the bounds and creat something refreshing
Musicians who are able to individually put a little piece of their own on each of the writing compositions
I'd like to have fun doing music with people as tactful and seriously dedicated to music as I am.
I'm a good singer and lyricist and I'm working right now on conceptual songs and I want YOU to be part of it.

Lately, I've been approached by inspiring producers or composers like Guy Pelletier

Who supports and encourages this project. When proper time fits, we both agreed on working togther on this concept album before the end of the year. But I want to have something for him to hear first before anything else.

So if you can somehow relate to this project or you're interested to give it try, just hit me back in this thread or pm me.

"Ambition is the mother of greatness". Finn Arild
So let's do this!

Posted : 04/07/2011 4:12 am