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Collaborators wanted for a couple of Lennon songs...

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I thought I'd better start this one now, give us a little time to get everything organised....

December 8th this year will mark the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death - I've been thinking for a while, it might be nice to do a tribute to John. Maybe if a few of us got together and recorded a couple of his songs - I'm thinking Imagine and Jealous Guy - it'd be pretty cool.

I'm thinking along these lines - - a video commissioned by the BBC featuring various artist. I'm thinking, each singer gets one line - then comes back in for the chorus, so's we'd have a big wall of sound, hopefully with a gospel feel.....

I'm thinking we'd need a keyboard track, a couple of acoustic guitar tracks, a bass track, drums, and lots of vocal tracks. We could maybe stretch the tracks out, make 'em about five minutes long each, maybe a couple of lead guitar solos - I always loved Phil Manzanera's solo on Roxy Music's version of "Jealous Guy." Maybe we could add organ or other instruments?

These are just first thoughts off the top of my head - anyone else wants to add anything, feel free. Different song choices? Maybe, but one of 'em's GOT to be Imagine. A nice, different version - one we can call our own. A GN version - a GN tribute to John.

Anyone's interested, feel free to put your name down here and add your thoughts.

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Posted : 07/08/2010 9:02 pm
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Brilliant Idea Vic.

Another way to go with it might the way Playing For Change does it.

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Posted : 07/08/2010 11:09 pm
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Did you say you need a bass track? Perhaps you also could consider somebody with a strong Spanish accent... or even somebody singing one of those lines in Spanish... :D

Imagine is perfect for me because I already play it, it was one of the first songs I learn on the bass.

John, I already knew Playing For Change but when I watch one of their videos, there is something inside me that moves... Thanks!

Posted : 08/08/2010 9:34 am
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I've always dug "Jealous Guy". I play an easy version of it already. I remember making some headway with "Imagine", but never really finished.

At any rate, I could do something if you want.

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Posted : 08/08/2010 12:42 pm