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Famous...or not really?

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I work for a very small UK music company called DeafStar Music UK. We have a Belgium based artist on our roster who is pretty well known on the European trade circuit, he even has his own Lick Library DVD ( ).

I’ve been sat here for hours searching the net for places to promote what he does, and it seems I can only find places that want to interview ‘established artists’. I’m trying to work out when an ‘up-coming’ artist becomes ‘established’. I do wonder if our guy is working harder that a lot of these established names. It certainly costs him more in train tickets! :-) And then it made me think. It’s a bizarre thing this fame lark. All we would like to see is regular work for him, and maybe some exposure on his songwriting. It seems you need some level of fame before anybody will even take a glance.

I guess it made me think about all the really hard working guitarists out there - thanks for what you do, and know that you are loved!

Oh well, back to the virtual grind stone….

Posted : 19/01/2015 1:49 pm